Can I trust Myles Audio visual with my VIP event?

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned through delivering thousands of successful events across Australia. We understand the importance of delivering seamless audio visual experience in high profile environments such as quarterly results, product launches or AGM’s, no second chance, everything needs to be on point. Checkout our google review to hear what others are saying about our service.

I’m looking to hold my roadshow event in a few cities across Australia, can Myles AV support roadshows?

Yes! We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney & the Gold Coast, but we often send crew and equipment to support road show events at various locations across Australia. One account manager can support your events across multiple venues to help alleviate your stress and workload, while ensuring your event is delivered at the same standard from venue to venue.

Is Myles AV a big company?

We started as a family owned and operated business, as we grow, we continue to keep those core values and principles front and centre. Although we are the second largest audio visual supplier to the hotel industry in Australia, we operate as a small business. Unlike Encore who have huge corporate overheads, we stay lean, which also give us agility and speed to adapt to clients needs and keep costs down.

Does Myles AV offer in-house audio visual service and management?

Absolutely! We are the preferred supplier of many hotels and function centres across Australia. We can assist with any level of support your venue needs from installation to day-to-day sales, management, and maintenance we’ve got you covered. Don’t take our word for it, reach out to any of our partner venues to hear firsthand what their experience working with Myles AV has been like, and the level of service we deliver. Learn more about our audio visual venue management here.

Do all AV companies use the same gear?

For the most part the reputable companies such as Encore, Event Equipment, Audio Visual Events, Scene Change etc. all use the same equipment. At the end of the day what sets us apart is our people. The systems we have in place for onboarding new technicians, training on new equipment and customer service standards ensures your experience with Myles AV is a memorable one for all the right reasons!

Does Myles AV do installation?

We partner with the absolute best installation companies across Australia to ensure our venues have the best and most reliable installed equipment custom fit to their needs. Our relationships with companies such as Data Scene ensure we have the best pricing and service to handle installations of any size. Planning for the future to keep your venue at the forefront of technology, get in touch today to see how we can help.

Do you offer event recording services?

We sure do! We support a range of recording services such as webcast recording with PIP capturing slides and presenters, event highlight clips, same day edits, training videos and much more. Checkout some of our recent work here. Get in touch with our team today to capture your content!

Does Myles AV support webcast streaming events?

At Myles AV we’re invested heavily in improving our services offered for streaming events of all sizes. Thanks to covid, we’ve all had to become a little more tech savvy, and just about anyone these days can jump on a zoom call, but with our custom streaming packages your event can go way beyond a typical webcast. Engaging online participants with the same excitement and participation as face-to-face guests, bringing remote presenters into the room with seamless integration, and allowing you to reach a wider audience without the costs of travel.

What is a live streaming platform?

A live streaming platform is a website, application or software that allows you to broadcast live videos. When you upload a video to the platform, viewers can watch it in real time. A live streaming platform also tends to have other features related to video management, such as video storage, video recording and editing, or a video player.

Social streaming platforms — like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live and Twitch — aren’t quite the same as dedicated live streaming video platforms because they offer slightly different features. On social streaming platforms, the streamer and the viewer typically both need accounts on the social network to broadcast and view live video, although YouTube and Twitch are notable exceptions to that. Social streaming platforms also serve as video hosting services too, and make replays of live streams available for users to rewatch at any point.

One thing both types of platforms have in common is real-time interactivity. Both provide options for leaving comments live during the stream, as well as polls, quizzes or other engagement features.

What to consider when choosing a live streaming platform

What makes a good live streaming service? At the very least, the service should provide video hosting and content management tools. It should also provide basic embedding tools, analytics and monetization.

To get you started, here are some key features to consider:

• Video hosting

• Video organization and management

• Multistreaming to several platforms at once

• Uploading and live streaming pre-recorded videos

• Secure live streaming features such as password-protected streams

• Monetization options such as subscriptions or advertising

• Device compatibility

• Stream analytics and monitoring

• Adaptive bitrate streaming

• RTMP streaming support

• Video editing and embedding

• Encoding capabilities

• Browser-based live streaming

• Video cloud storage

• Pricing plan within your budget

Where can I live stream for free?

Most social streaming platforms let you start live streaming for free. These include YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live, Twitch or LinkedIn Live. You can also use a powerful streaming software like Restream to make your live video content stand out on social platforms. While you don’t have to pay to start streaming with these services, you do usually have to meet certain requirements, such as a certain follower count or number of hours of video recorded.

Keep in mind that live streaming platforms come in many shapes and sizes, with some designed to fit specific industries or use cases. The best live streaming platform is the one that meets all of your needs, but don’t worry our team will help you choose the right platform for your event!

Learn more about our webcast and streaming services here.

Does Myles AV supply audio visual for weddings?

Let our team help bring your special day to life! Audio visual is often a forgotten part of the conversation with weddings, but it can make all the difference creating the vibe you’re after for your first dance and of course all the photo moments you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Pin spot lighting, LED up lights, fairy lights, custom gobos, haze and special effects are just a few of the ways we can help make your dream wedding come true.