Being Remembered By Your Guests With A Memorable Event

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Organising An Event
October 5, 2018
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Being Remembered By Your Guests With A Memorable Event

Memorable events need a lot of preparation and planning – trust us, having helped run hundreds of corporate events for hotels & other businesses we know what it takes! Whether you are an experienced event planner or want to make your first debut, here are our five tips to running an event that your guests will remember.

First impressions count!

It takes only seven seconds to make the first impression. People decide several things within these few seconds:

  • Your success
  • Intelligence
  • Status
  • Trustworthiness

You should have sufficient staff to welcome your guests. Everyone must get proper treatment. A calming attitude and warm welcome can help you to make a good impression. Choose an appropriate outfit for your team as per the theme of your event.

Choosing the ideal venue

You can’t overlook the importance of a venue as an ideal place can have a significant impact on the success of your event. Consider the number of guests while selecting a venue – your venue should comfortably house all the guests. Choose a suitable venue so that your guests can find its location easily. Is there sufficient public transport and parking?  What catering needs do you have? These are all questions you must consider far in advance of the event itself.

Selecting the perfect guest speaker and host

A guest speaker can make or break your event. They will entertain, shape and create the mood of your event.  A guest speaker may attract the attention of the audience or lose their interest. Your proper planning of guest speakers’ relevance to your audience can make your event a huge hit and give great memories to your guests.

Your host should have the ability to manage your event and hold the audience’s attention in-between guest speakers.

Adjust the mood of event

To set the mood of the event, you will need the correct sound, lighting and vision.

Proper lighting is necessary for the audience to clearly see your guest speaker it also assists with attractive photos of your guests. You can share these photographs on social media. Colours have a significant effect on the mood of events, such as:

  • Red: it is good to create excitement, energy, and warmth
  • Yellow: good for creativity, friendliness, and strength. This colour works well in art exhibitions.
  • Blue: this colour is right for business meetings to create logic, intelligence, and trust

Speakers often need projection for their presentation, you have to arrange visual aids and great techs for the space you are using. The advance planning of these elements are critical for a smooth and successful event.

In case of music, your selection may depend on the nature of the event. The music should suit your audience and theme.

Show your gratitude to your guests

After finishing your event, you should say thanks to your guests and share video or photo highlights from an event. It is an essential step to manage your relationships with your audience. Then they will look to become a part of your events in the future. Every event you create will play an important role to highlight and improve your planning skills.


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