Why All Hotels & Event Spaces Should Have a Proper AV Solution

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Organising An Event
October 5, 2018
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Why All Hotels & Event Spaces Should Have a Proper AV Solution

Meeting clients’ expectations

Today, event planners expectations are higher than ever.  Everyone has a large screen TV and surround sound systems in their homes, so when they get to an event space where the installed equipment is substandard to what they have at home it can be very disappointing and even a reason to choose one space over another.


Professional presentation

If a guest attending an event notices that the image on the screen is hard to read, the sound is crackling or maybe there are cables all over the place it can be very distracting from the presentation itself and also a poor reflection of the event space.  The technology can have a lasting impression on both your clients and their guests attending their events.  The brighter images, colourful lighting and loud, crisp sound not only gets the presenters message across clearly but also gives a professional impression of the venue too.


Easy last minute solutions

All event planners work hard towards covering every presenter’s requirements however, it’s not unusual for someone to turn up on the day of an event and decide that they need something extra like the ability to run a video during their presentation even though they hadn’t planned on it when they confirmed everything prior to the event.  This is where an up to date system can handle these last minute request with ease and very little stress on event staff.


Reduce client charges

The more equipment that can be installed into a space the more cost effective AV can be.  There still needs to be appropriate charging to cover the capital investment, ongoing maintenance and upgrading as technology changes but it does provide more flexibility in charging without as much labour required to set up and pack down equipment every time.


Choosing the right solution for each space

Not every space can have a complete AV fit-out installed.  Sometimes you are dealing with spaces that have heritage restrictions or maybe the space requires different set ups every time and covering every option with installed equipment wouldn’t be cost effective.  The best option is to get in a Myles AV consultant to have a look at your space, consider how the space is used and provide the best solution to suit your needs.

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