Don’t Make These Mistakes When Organising An Event

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October 5, 2018
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October 5, 2018
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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Organising An Event

An event manager is responsible for the proper planning to ensure the smooth running of their clients’ event. It’s true that it is almost humanly impossible to cover each possibility so before you start planning an event, you must be aware of 5 common mistakes people make when organizing an event. It will help you to avoid disasters at your event.

Mistake 1: Ignoring the Importance of Plan B

Mistake: While planning an event, each event manager thinks that nothing terrible is possible because you are planning everything. Keep it in mind that things can go wrong. To avoid this situation, you should have a backup plan.

Ideas to Avoid this Situation

It is essential to plan for the worst situation. Of course it is great to have confidence in the success of your event but work smartly. Prepare yourself for unforeseen situations in the form of a contingency plan.

Think about surprises, such as your presenter falling ill. In this situation, you should have a secondary speaker to replace this presenter. Prepare a list of backup options, including vendors. All these things will be planned in a backup plan “B”.

Mistake 2: Lack of Planning for Setup of Event

Mistake: While planning, you will imagine happy guests eating yummy snacks, mingling with each other and enjoying the event. Some things that you might forget include the speed of a catering company to serve snacks, you may not arrange sufficient space for musical instruments and musicians or forget about some of the AV component.

Ideas to Avoid this Situation

To avoid this situation, carefully check the venue for your event. Does the venue have good access, caterers should have sufficient facilities in the kitchen and entry and exit points for your guests. For musicians and performers, there should be good access to the stage so that they can conveniently make their way to the stage with their instruments.

Ask for the estimated time from each party to set up their things on the day of the event. Make sure to visit the place and walk through each site with your vendors to avoid possible obstacles.

Mistake 3: Lack of Communication with Vendors 

Mistake: After speaking to your vendors and securing the best deals on party balloons, entertainment, and catering and venue you lock everything away and assume it will all come together on the day.

Ideas to Avoid this Mistake

It is true that while planning, you are juggling several things. You have to stay organized and prepare contracts for each vendor. Prepare a list of all vendors, get confirmations and track your negotiations. After your agreement with each vendor, always get a written confirmation. Stay in touch with vendors and make a follow up call 2 to 3 days before an event to confirm everything.

Mistake 4: Not Putting Careful Thought Into the AV

Mistake: AV can often be part of the event that gets left until the end of the planning stage.  Assuming that the on-site AV or equipment the band is bringing is sufficient can lead to a lot of stress for event planners on the day of the event.

Ideas to Avoid this Mistake

Bringing in Myles AV early can avoid not only stress on the day of the event but also unexpected costs.  Sometimes when deciding between two event spaces a quick chat with the our AV team about what you want to achieve with your event can show you the more expensive space might actually work out to be a more cost effective solution because of reduced AV cost.  Or there might be more impressive visual or lighting options in one venue compared to another.  The AV is such an important part of any event as if the speaker can’t be seen or heard the message, the whole reason people are there, can be missed by the audience.

Mistake 5: Forget to Follow up After Each Event

Mistake: The end of the event and it was perfect!  You worked really hard at creating the best outcome for your client and the hard work paid off.  But you miss a great opportunity if you forget to speak to your vendors and guests afterwards.

Ideas to Avoid this Mistake

You have to show your gratitude with vendors as they helped you pull the event together and you’ll get great follow up service on the next one if you do this. You have to leave the impression that you are a great event organizer. Failing to follow up can be a costly mistake for your next event. You can’t miss this opportunity to lift your reputation. It is essential to communicate with your guests and vendors afterwards for the success of your next event.

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